With help of typography you can make a lot of amazing things. Let’s see how these amazing artists are altering our perception of reality and pushing the boundaries of typography.

• Boa-Mistura

This beautiful combination of Architecture and Typography is situated in Madrid, Spain. Created by Boa Mistura. He and his team wanted to propose a new abstract landscape for the historic urban context of the 15 heritage cities in Spain, seeking to dialogue in a contemporaneous way with the beauty of the historical center.


20 awesome optical illusion typography Boa Mistura

• Anatol Knotek

This optical illusion typography was created by Anatol Knotek. Anatol is a Austria based graphic designer. Known for his books and striking typography. He created this amazing piece of typography illusion called “Point of View”.


Point of View optical illusion by Anatol Knotek

• Cyril Vouilloz

Stunning drop caps designed by Cyril Vouilloz. Cyril, who goes by Rylsee online, has been posting tons of fun pictures on Instagram that show his real-life fingers interacting with hand-drawn alphabet letters in his sketchbook.


3D typography illusion drop cap
3D typography illusion drop cap

• Lex Wilson

Simple yet brilliant 3D optical illusion typography by Lex Wilson.


are you sure by lex wilson
are you sure by lex wilson

• Chaos Order Lenticular by Cyrcle

Chaos Order Lenticular by Cyrcle. A beautiful indoor product.


Chaos Order Lenticular by Cyrcle

• Anamorphic typography by Joseph Egan

Anamorphic typography by Joseph Egan.

After researching and testing the process in our studio we began to search for an ideal architectural space within our college buildings to execute our installation in. When planning an anamorphic installation is it important to consider that to maximise the fracturing of the design, it is best to try and touch as many plains as possible. We eventually decided to carry out our installation in a corridor of our college (as shown in the images) using the long walls to maximise the distortion of the letterforms. All of our work is site specific and we spend as long as possible discussing a choosing the perfect architectural locations for our works.
Anamorphic typography by Joseph Egan

• Grit

Letters taped on school basket ball coat. (Artist Unknown)

Grit Basketball typography inspiration

• Yes or No

3D letters creating “Yes” or “No” from different perspective. (Artist Unknown)

Yes or no 3d typography

• Sketches and Drawings

Sketches of 3D letters and type by Lex Wilson.

Perspective Drawing 3D typography by Lex Wilson

That's all folks!

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