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Ink and Paint Experimental Lettering by Gehan Magee

By October 20, 2017 No Comments
Gehan Magee

Graphic Designer, Doodler, Type Artist

Hailing from sunny Sydney this hip-hop aficionado and hat-and-sneaker freaker works as a Digital Graphic Designer by day and doodles his life away by night. Born in Chennai (Madras), India to Anglo-Indian parents, the family moved to Australia – the land of opportunity – when the little tyke was but 2 years of age. Soon after he learnt how to write he became fascinated with letters and the alphabet, and pleaded with his elder sister to teach him how to do ‘that cool bubble writing’ all the older kids were doing. Fast forward a few years and he was learning the words to Alphabet Aerobics by Blackalicious and fast forward a few more to highschool and the fascination grew to include graffiti and street art of all kinds. Typography is now a part time job and full time obsession, influenced by all the parts that make up who he is – music, art, life.

Ink and Paint Experiments

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