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Artist Interview: Ivan Yahya – Typographer

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About: Ivan Yahya

We ran into Ivan Yahya a few months ago, on Instagram while looking for talented letterers with a unique style and identity. His work has been published on TypeRiot Instagram before. Ivan is an Indonesia based graphic designer, illustrator and typographer. His style is varying and he’s always looking forward to transforming his style further.


TypeRiot – Where are you located?

Ivan – I am from Bali-Indonesia and I live in the city of Denpasar.

TypeRiot – How did you get started in lettering?

Ivan – I got interested in lettering and typography around 1-2 years ago.

Ivan Yahya Indonesia Digital Typography Interview
Ivan Yahya Indonesia Digital Typography Interview

TypeRiot – Can you name some of your inspirations? (books, music, artists, etc.)

Ivan – Sometimes the inspiration comes by itself, comes from the back of my mind. While sometimes it comes from the music that I listen to, like the chill-out genre, metal, pop punk, pop, etc. Artists who became my inspiration among others are Gemmafalah, Brianteely, Ryanlbowles, etc. And usually I am looking for ideas on Pinterest.

TypeRiot – Can you go a little into your process of how you work on a project?

Ivan – Each artwork that I create has a different process. But basically, all the things I do first is to find a theme or a quote. It depends on my mood at that time. Secondly, I try to specify the font to be used. And the final step is to draft the position of the chosen quote / words to make it dynamic and look attractive.

TypeRiot –  Any recommendations of books or workshops(or e-books/websites) for lettering enthusiasts to further their studies?

Ivan –  Many instagram accounts exist that give our a lot of ideas to learn to make the lettering and typography. You can search for it using popular hashtags #handtype #handlettering, #caligraphy, etc. But I also often look for ideas or references on Pinterest.

TypeRiot – Do you have any favorite project that you would like me to mention? (from your portfolio or someone else’s)?

Ivan – Now I’m steeped in lettering and typography combined with illustration that I created using a computer or manual drawing. Some title of the work that I love between my artwork is “Please Donut Disturb” & “Failure is The Only Option”.

Ivan Yahya Indonesia Digital Typography Interview
Ivan Yahya Indonesia Digital Typography Interview

TypeRiot – Any advice on ‘What not to do’?

Ivan – Keep making artworks, while also exploring all the ideas and expressions that you have. Show the world that you’re so talented.

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