Frequently Asked Questions – TypeRiot

What exactly is TypeRiot?

TypeRiot is an independent platform of curated calligraphy, inspiring typography and lettering made with love using any medium.

When was TypeRiot founded?

On a cozy winter night of November 2015.

Who is behind this massive online community?

The inspiration gallery and articles are curated by Ashish Yadav, a communication designer with a background of Typography, and User Experience Design.

Where is TypeRiot from?

TypeRiot is based out of New Delhi, India. The various artists, however, are from all over the world.

Is it available in my country?

Absolutely! TypeRiot is accessible worldwide, supporting artists from different walks of life.

Submitting Artwork

How can I submit my work?

There are more than one ways to send in your work. The simplest and most direct way is to submit your work on our website.

For Instagram followers – you can use #TypeRiot or tag TypeRiot Instagram profile to your post.

For FacebookJoin TypeRiot Community Facebook Group and simply upload your work and get feedback for your work imminently from other artists.

Is it free to submit work?

Absolutely. It’s free to submit your typography, calligraphy and lettering and it will always be free! So don’t hesitate and submit your master piece!

Will i be paid if I get featured?

No. We love type and we love the community. We do not run ads on pages showcasing your work as we respect you as an artist and your work. You can however use the unique URL (link) created for your showcased work and publish it as a web reference.

How long does it take to get featured?

It can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. We send you a confirmation email if your work has been chosen for being featured in our curated gallery.

Getting Featured

I'm tagged and mentioned on Instagram, why both?

We credit your work on Instagram in the caption. We also tag you on the image because of Instagram’s algorithm. If you decided to change your username on Instagram, it does not get updated on our caption, however it gets updated on the image tag itself. For this reason we tag you on your artwork, so people who love your work can always find a way to reach out to you for commissioned work or simply get inspired by looking at your work.

How can I request to remove my work from Featured Inspiration ?

You can contact us at and request to remove the artwork, please also provide the link to your work on our site so it can be solved promptly.

Got more questions for us? Please contact us at with your questions and we will help you solve it.

Want to showcase your Calligraphy, Typography or Hand Lettering?

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